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How to engage HighStrides

Choosing the right program / school and fulfilling admission / visa documentation requirements can be very overwhelming and time consuming. It is more important to get it right the first time of asking to avoid waste of scarce resources (i.e. time and money) that can very easily lead to frustration.

Therefore, we encourage you to use our trained counselors with indepth knowledge of schools and programs, to guide you through the process and relieve you of this burden while increasing your odds of achieving desired outcomes quicker and in one try.

In order for us to proffer solutions tailored to your needs and requirements, we need you to download and complete our engagement form with necessary information.

On completion, email the completed form with scanned copies of your documents (relevant certificate and transcripts) to info@highstrides.com and we will gladly revert to you with recommendations / options for you to select from prior to submitting your application for the chosen program to the chosen school.