Thinking about this but you have a few concerns?

Below are a few questions and answers to help you address those concerns.

Why do you need a consultant?
Often times, the end-to-end process of gaining admission and obtaining a Canadian visa can be cumbersome and time-consuming requiring a lot of focused attention to get it right the first time. Using trained counsellors / consultants with a lot of experiences in this area is a smart approach, as failures from doing it yourself can be very frustrating with wasted resources, money and time wise.

What is the probability of a successful outcome?
Your probability of a successful outcome through HighStrides engagement is 99.9% with a reasonable refund policy in the event of failed outcomes.

Why do I need to pay commitment fee?
At HighStrides, we are committed to providing you with guidance, solutions and recommendations fitted to your specific needs as educational needs differ from one person to the other. The commitment fee covers the cost of researching tailored made solutions for you and for providing you with vital information to aid your informed decision making process. Plus, it will also be channeled towards payment of your admission fee if you decide to proceed with us.

How do I choose a top quality university?
All you need to do is speak to one of our seasoned counsellors who can advise you on universities with the best programs and research offerings suited for your educational needs. You can also send an enquiry email to info@highstrides.com.read more ...